Factory Acceptance Testing


Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)


IMS exceeds industry standards by use of custom engineered simulation software. The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) verifies proper operation of all system functions using an approved test plan. All equipment is staged, runs concurrently, or is simulated for a complete test of the entire system. Each drive in the system test has its own motor simulator based on a mathematical model.


Customer operators and the commissioning team are integrated into the factory test for training. The simulation software can also remain as part of the system for on-site use.


The following major areas are addressed during the FAT:


  • Communications testing / diagnostics.
  • HMI Signal Verification
  • Process Feedback
  • Process References/Biases/Calibration Constants
  • Fault/Alarm/Permissive Annunciation
  • Fault/Alarm/Permissive Archives and Text Descriptions
  • System Functional Tests using Simulation Code, Desk Devices, and temporary I/O wired to test panel
  • Manual Operations
  • Automatic Operations
  • Product Tracking and Setup Sequencing
  • Various controllability (Tension control, position control, speed control, etc.)

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